Canon iPF850 MFP

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Canon iPF850 MFP


The iPF850 MFP M40 is an affordable solution for providing fast, high-quality, large format image capture-to-output. Designed to be more than just its parts, it is the versatility of the product that makes it stand out. This multi-component system gives the user the opportunity to be more productive. The open architecture of the computer can be used to load additional programs, among other things. The printer's ability to print on a wide variety of media lends itself to uses in many departments and applications as well.

A versatile system built for the way you work, the imagePROGRAF iPF850 MFP M40 includes:

  • M40 Scanner
  • iPF850 44-inch printer
  • Two-media roll system
  • High Capacity Stacker
  • SmartWorks MFP software
  • All-in-One HD Multi-touch PC
  • MFP stand
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