We use the Océ TDS 800, the most reliable and productive toner based system for digital blackline prints.  We have also added the HP PagewideXL 8000 in our Bentonville office with the fastest large-format monochrome and color printing in the industry.  We can easily handle your digital printing requirements, whether you need multiple copies of a large set of plans, or one or two copies of a small set.

We are able to print your .tif, .pdf .plt, .dwg, and .dwf  files from several different formats including flash drive, CD, DVD, floppy disk, hard copy original, or you can email your files to us.  We can produce a print up to 40" wide and more than no limit in length.

After your prints are scanned, we have a wide variety of options.  We can produce full-size sets, or we can reduce or enlarge images from 25% up to 400%.

A popular option with some of our customers is half-size prints for use on the jobsite.  Half-size digital prints are large enough to provide clarity in the details of the drawings, while being small enough to provide easier handling on the construction site.

Another option for your scanned prints is scan-to-file (archiving).  We can convert your hard copy originals into digital files which can then be copied onto a CD, DVD, flash drive you’re your external hard drive.  This not only saves storage space, but protects your valued drawings from the effects of time, weather, and humidity.

A & B can print on several different medias to meet the needs of our customers.  Whether you choose bond, vellum. T-Bond, or polyester film, we can produce the quality digital prints you desire.