HP Pagewide XL 8000

HP Pagewide XL 8000


Turn this...

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Digital Blackline Printing

Digital blacklines have taken the place of “blueprints” making it a safer more sustainable solution.  

We have years of experience, the systems, and the capacity to turn your job around quickly and affordably.

  • Blueprints on bond, colored bond, vellum or mylar up to 40" wide by any length
  • Construction plan sets
  • Bid set packages
  • CAD plotting

We can print directly from your hard copy or from the file types listed below, we prefer PDF.

.tiff    .pdf    .plt    .dwf    .dwg    .jpg

We have used Oce equipment the industry leader in digital blackline and recently introduced the HP PagewideXL.  The fastest large-format monochrome and color printer ever.  Not only does it print black and white or color with fine lines, crisp details and grayscale it speeds through a job.  Come see for yourself.


Document Scanning & Archiving

A & B can scan and index up to 36” wide black and white or color.  Keep your files organized with document archiving.  Make room in your facility by letting us scan your old hard copy documents.   We also provide document archiving for convenient retrieval of electronic documents.  Scans can be archived to a portable hard drive, ftp site, USB drive, and CD or DVD.

  • Construction drawings
  • Specification manuals
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Important legal documents
  • Medical
  • Architects
  • Engineering
  • Facilities Management
  • Accounts Receivable/Payables

To learn more about our electronic document services, contact us today.


Enlargement and Reduction

Need your prints enlarged or reduced to fit your needs? 
If you have blueprints that aren’t to scale, bring them in and we’ll scale them for you.

  • Quilt and craft patterns
  • Stained glass patterns
  • Photos
  • Plans
  • Color Renderings
  • Family trees

Bring it in and let us see if what we can do to help.

For pricing and more information call your nearest office.